Why Your Boat Cushions Could Use Dry Fast Foam

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Boat owners know how fast mildew can build up in their seat cushions. Especially in speed boats, water is constantly spilling over the sides and sopping up the foam inside. Even larger boats that are continually exposed to the marine layer start to build up moisture inside of their boat cushions. Eventually, these cushions will need to be replaced.

Most of the time, foam seat cushions are made of open cell foam. Closed cell foam can be compared to the material in a life jacket, so sitting on it would be a little uncomfortable. However, the pockets in open cell foam team to hold a lot more moisture than closed cell foam, meaning that bacteria can thrive inside the seat causing an unpleasant odor.

You obviously can’t throw away your boat seats like you can with your patio furniture. Seat cushion replacement is relatively simple and cheap to install. A total installation of new seat isn’t required, especially when you can find replacement cushions at factory direct prices. There are several wholesale foam manufacturers that are willing to sell you replacement cushions at low prices simply because they can spread the cost over their mass production techniques.

While store front shops will charge you extra as the middle man, factory stores make foam their specialty and have machines that can reproduce large quantities of the same thing in a minimal amount of time.

One of the products that is made in a factory for foam production is a material called Dry Fast Foam. This kind of foam exceeds the performance of regular open cell foam inserts by reducing the amount of bacteria growth inside the cushion.

The name says it all, dry fast allows a greater amount of air flow that circulates throughout the cushion. This allows the evaporation of the water inside at a rapid pace, even after complete submersion in water. If you were to hold one of your seat cushions in your hand and pour water all throughout the surface, you would find that the water essentially falls right through the foam. This kind of visual demonstration shows that Dry Fast will keep your foam cushions hygienic, even in the most moisture ridden environments.

Mildew buildup inside of seat cushions on maritime vessels is a common occurrence because the conditions inside the upholstery are dank and dark. Permeation is a common and can be easily remedied with Dry Fast Foam. Not only is it more clean to use this material, but you are less likely to be sitting on soaked seat cushions, making the ride that much more comfortable.

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