Why you should consider safety when you operate an electric chain hoist

A hoist is a lifting or lowering device for loads using drum or lift-wheel where a rope or chain wraps. It can be operated manually, electrically or pneumatically and use a chain, wire or fiber rope as its lift medium. Factories, manufacturing units and construction sites use hoists and cranes rather than humans to do heavy and risky lifting and moving.

At Hoists Direct a wide selection high quality, industrial grade electrical hoists are offered for sale at competitive prices. When you buy an electrical chain hoist why should you consider safety first and what measures you have to take when operating one?

Consider operational area
The law requires that an electrical chain hoist should be operated in accordance with the applicable safety regulations. Therefore, anyone should not operate an electrical chain hoist whether it is a festooning or from another manufacturer near where people are gathering. The operational area should be clear of debris and people.

Manufacturer’s suggested safety regulation and training
Always follow manufacturers suggested safety training before you begin operation of an electrical chain hoist whether it is a festooning or from another manufacturer. Hoists come with a torque-limiting device for hoist overload protection. It also comes with upper and lower limit switches, low voltage controls and an emergency stop button. Everyone who expects to operate an electrical chain hoist should be familiar with these and should be trained with these as well as other safety operational features. The Hoists Direct provides copies of safety manuals to its customers.

Periodic inspections
Everyone who operates an electrical chain hoist whether it is comealong or any other should follow the daily operational checkups prior to operating the equipment. This is not limited to chain hoists only and applies a wire rope hoist or any other type of equipment. This should include brake check and gears should be lubricated properly. Moist conditions may affect the operation of the equipment and should require attention to the operational area.

Pay attention to the capacity limitations

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