What can a tax settlement attorney do for you?

Have you been served with a “final notice of intent to levy and notice of your right to a hearing”? As an individual this can be one of the worst situations you can find yourself in. Within a period of 30 days from receiving this notice you are required to make a full payment of the debt you owe to the IRS or enter in to a settlement regarding repayment or risk IRS wage garnishment, which means that part of your wage will be taken by the IRS until your debt is settled.

A tax attorney or lawyer should be consulted immediately since the IRS will take a substantial portion of your wages leaving you with little to live on. A tax settlement attorney will be able to work out a settlement for you so that you will be allowed to make the payment at a more affordable rate over a period of time.

An experienced tax lawyer in Los Angeles from the reputed Law offices of Jeffrey B. Kahn P.C will analyze your situation and make an appeal depending on your individual circumstances. Some of the grounds of appeal could stop the wage garnishment against you. These reasons could include the order being contrary to the automatic stay granted during bankruptcy proceedings and procedural errors made by the IRS when sending out the notice to you.

If you do have an outstanding amount due to be paid to the IRS, an experienced tax attorney or lawyer will be able to negotiate a settlement for you.

A tax settlement attorney can also help you in the event you are faced with an IRS audit. They will navigate through the process which is one they are very familiar with and know what to expect. A tax lawyer in Los Angeles would have dealt with many similar cases and will be well versed with the relevant laws and know how to successfully negotiate a favorable settlement for you which could save you thousands of dollars.

The rapid pace at which tax laws keep changing requires lawyers to be constantly following such amendments. The professional tax lawyers at the Law offices of Jeffrey B. Kahn P.C are always up to date with the changes made by the IRS in order to provide the best service to their clients.

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