What Are You Getting in Exchange for Your Artificial Grass Investment?

Artificial grass costs more than sod and seed. So, why should you pay more?

Artificial turf prices are higher than what you’ll be asked to pay for sod and seed. So, if you simply look at things from a dollars and cents perspective, an artificial lawn isn’t worth the investment.
Or is it?
You’ve got to beyond the sticker price. Once you look at all of the “extras” you’re getting for that added cost, it’s easy to see that fake turf grass is actually the better buy.
What exactly are you getting?
– The convenience of a one-time expense
As you’re paying those artificial turf prices, remember that you’re only going to have to pay them once. That’s because good synthetic turf is designed to last for a couple of decades. Heck, the warranty alone will be close to a decade long!
Your sod and seed, on the other hand, will be lucky to make it a couple of years. All it takes is a couple of dry weeks or a freak cold snap, and you’ll be back out replacing patches in no time. In the end, your natural grass will wind up costing you way more than your than your artificial lawn!

– The protection of a warranty
We mentioned the warranty already, but let’s talk about it in a little more detail, because it really is a big deal. When you buy sod or seed, it doesn’t come with any kind of guarantee. If the grass dies the very next day, you’re totally out of luck. You’ll either be stuck trying to come up with more money to re-do your backyard, or having a backyard that looks terrible. Neither option is good!
Your synthetic turf investment, on the other hand, comes with some protection. For years, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that if anything happens to your artificial lawn, your money won’t be a complete waste. That peace of mind alone can make the money you spend on fake turf grass completely worth it!

– A maintenance-free yard
In between replacing all of those patches, you’ve got to mow, trim, water, and fertilize your natural grass. Not only does that cost money, but it takes time.
But when you have fake turf grass, you don’t have to worry about any of that. You simply install it, and forget about it. You can take all of that time you would have spent slaving over your yard and enjoy it!

When you look at it that way, those higher artificial turf prices seem like a pretty good deal, huh?!

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