Understanding lever and wire rope hoists

Whether you are in the market to buy a ratchet lever <a href=”http://www.hoistsdirect.com/harrington_lever.htm“>hoist</a> or wire rope hoist, first understand what your needs are and what these units capable of doing for you.

Many manufacturers and retailers carry lever hoist and wire rope hoist in their wide inventory of hoists.  Understanding how they operate and for what uses is critical to get the maximum benefits of a hoist.  Many carry 550lb capacity ratchet lever hoist that can fit into a small box to much larger 60 ton high capacity electric wire rope hoists.  They are used in manufacturing to power generation industries worldwide.

Ratchet <strong>lever hoist</strong>

A lever hoist is a manual device that is used to lift, lower, or pull a load and to apply or release tension.  It uses a ratchet and pawl mechanical design to raise or lower a load.  Therefore, sometimes lever hoist is also called cable ratchet lever hoist or comealongs.   This is one of the most reliable, dependable and durable hoist used in mining, farming and construction.  Many are constructed of light-weight aluminum alloy frame with open construction and allow daily inspection and cleaning of the unit.  The 750 to 3,000 pound units come with single line while 1,500 to 6,000 pound units come with double line.  Units used for marine purposes made of anodized castings with stainless steel cable to prevent corrosion.  The online retailor www.hoistsdirect.com has an excellent selection of hoists and parts.

Electric <a href=”http://www.hoistsdirect.com/harrington%20wire%20rope%20hoist.htm“>wire rope hoist</a>

This type of hoist uses a wire rope for its lifting mechanism.  Most often they are powered by electrically or pneumatically.  The wire rope is stored in a drum as well as its gear box, motor, and breaking system.  Most often they are suspended overhead on a bridge beam.  There are manually operated units that are called “pullers” and uses ratchet and pawl tension technology.

Before buying a ratchet lever hoist or an electric wire rope hoist online, do your homework before ordering a unit.  This will allow you to specify the product type, manufacturer, capacity, voltage and other details of the unit you intend to buy.  Compare prices listed on Web sites.

Look for an online retailer that carries a wider selection of products for you to choose from.  The online retailor at <a href=”http://www.hoistsdirect.com/“>www.hoistsdirect.com</a> carry major brands such as Ross, Harrington, Budjit, Yale, Columbus McKinnon, Shaw, Box, Laderall, Telecrane, J.D. Neuhaus, MYTE, Wallace and others to suit all your hoist needs.  Look for their competitive pricing power of these manufacturers products at affordable prices too.  They also carry an excellent selection of parts for repairs and maintenance.


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