Portable Alternatives to Fan Coil Units Keep Server Rooms Cool

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If you work in IT, you know that modern server rooms require an efficient air conditioning unit. However, you are also may be aware that traditional fan coil units can be bulky and may take up too much space. Based upon newly developed engineering and modern technology, there are alternatives available to the traditional coil units on the market. They can be ceiling-mounted and can provide a mix of functions and perks, which other units can’t beat.

These units are completely self-contained and are best used in server rooms and other places where installing an air conditioning unit would be a tight fit. Server rooms tend to have high heat cooling needs and this kind of device can safeguard delicate devices against pricey damages that are sensitive to heat. You can place these air conditioning units in particular “hot spots” where heat from your devices gathers in your server room. Computer equipment wears out faster when it gets too hot. Modern equipment runs so hard, that it creates enormous amounts of heat.

Hardware malfunction and system failure can result in the failure to keep the server room at the appropriate temperature. This can result in system crashes, random reboots, and overall poor performance. Additionally, if you have humidity problems in your server room, the hardware can become corroded and rusty. Adequate ventilation is recommended for a server room, but when that is not available, using these portable room air conditioners are the perfect solution to specified needs.

These units conveniently come with an advanced, wall-mounted controller. In addition to simply operating the unit, you can track how it is doing, instruct it to do self-diagnosis and even command it to do self-repair. They come with an inbuilt mounting bracket, flanges and vibration isolators. It can simply be set up above a drop ceiling using standard hardware, minimizing installment expenses.

Complex central air systems can fail which is not something that you can afford if you rely on your computers to run your business. Central air is costly to run 24/7, which is what you will need to do if you plan on cooling your server room. Most server rooms are not near windows for security reasons, so installing a bulky window unit is not an option either.

Using high quality, portable air conditioners is the best option for cooling a server room. It is compact to save space and it is energy efficient to keep costs low. It can be mounted on the ceiling or the wall to keep your area tidy.

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