Must see historical and other sites in Vietnam

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Planning a trip to Vietnam? Let the good folks at Vietnam Travel Solutions help you with the planning and accommodation in Vietnam. They provide Vietnam holiday packages and Vietnam travel packages. Here are few must see historic sites and places in Vietnam.

Halong Bay: Located few hours travel from Hanoi, this unusual rock formation is dotted with caves and islands. The area inspired many philosophers and Vietnamese poets. Some of the famous caves include Cave of Surprises (Sung Sot grotto), Kissing Rocks, Hong Trong Mai, Heavenly Cave (Thien Cung grotto) and others. At times the area gets busy with tourists, boats and kayaks. The Vietnam tour company can arrange a day of kayaking to several day tour of the area with hotel accommodation and tours.

Hue Imperial City: One of the most visited place in Vietnam. Most glorious and last of Nguyen kings of Vietnam built grand monuments in and around walled city of Hue. The one mile area contains most elaborate tombs for decorated kings and other must see architectural treasures. Anyone can freely wonder and explore the Purple Forbidden City, palace rooms, and courtyards. This area can be easily covered by foot in three to four hours walking. The Vietnam tour company can easily arrange a trip to Hue Imperial City for you.

Old Quarter of Hanoi: Hanoi is full of must see sites, but the Old Quarter is particularly interesting place to explore. This part of the city never sleeps. Streets of Ma May and Hang Buom are particularly interesting. You can take a bicycle rickshaw (cyclo) or take the green tourism electric bus. Take a boat ride in the Hoan Kiem Lake. But be prepared to spend some time and ask Vietnam holiday packages to arrange a trip to the area for you.

Tran Quoc: Must see site that contain the most historic pagoda in all of Hanoi. It is the most visited and revered place by all Buddhists. With more than 1,500 year old history, the pagoda and the surrounding area has undergone many renovations over the years. The Vietnam Travel Solutions can arrange a trip to the pagoda for you.

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