International Trade Continues to Grow

International trade is a major part of the economies of the world. All one has to do is look around their home and they will spot a dish, a piece of furniture or an electronic device that was made overseas. In fact, international trade has made it possible for people in the U.S. to purchase a wide variety of products at low prices.

International trade and forex trading experienced exponential growth after the end of World War II. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, total world merchandise exports reached $6.3 trillion in 2000. This number represents a 100-fold increase since 1950, when the total world merchandise exports amounted to only $58 billion. This is why today more people than ever are investing in forex online.

Today, the economies of the world have blended together as communication and international transportation has become more affordable and available than ever before. And as more people invest in forex and purchase forex trading software, the countries of the world begin to rely on one another for economic health. This relationship is why the events in one country can greatly impact another.
So which products do countries buy and sell the most?

Foreign trade is mainly made up of the purchase and sale of industrial equipment, consumer goods, oil and agricultural products. Banking, tourism, engineering, telecommunications and transportation make up the other one-fifth of world exports.

The United States has increased the number of international banking companies that are allowed to operate within its borders from 40 to more than 600. In the U.S. alone, foreign gross transactions of long-term U.S. government securities have rose from $144 billion in 1978 to more than $9.1 trillion in 2000. Whether you’re interested in working as a currency trading broker or would like to invest in forex, there has never been a better time to invest in the foreign exchange market.

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