Creative Ways to Spread Your Business Cards

Gain new sales and promote your business by giving your away your business card no matter where you are. Learn a few creative ways to spread your business cards.
Your business card can be a powerful marketing tool. Whether it provides people with your basic contact information, or introduces your unique product, style or character, your black and white or full color business cards have the potential to gain new sales and give a message to each person who receives it. This is why it is important to make the most out of every opportunity. Here are a few creative ways to use your business card no matter where you go.
Never leave home without it. Whether you’re going to the grocery store or a holiday party, carry fresh business cards in your wallet or purse. You can also carry a larger bulk or traditional or metal business cards in your briefcase or computer bag. Every situation can be a chance to give away your business card. Sometimes, especially at the grocery store or a non-business function, it is easier to hand someone a business card than to give them a sales pitch. Remember to monitor your supply so that you never run out.
Attend networking and social events. While it is smart to make the most out of every outing, it is also important to seek practical opportunities in which you can easily exchange business cards. Start attending industry-related networking events including conventions, trade shows and international meetings. You can also R.S.V.P. to social events and mixers. Your unique metal or clear plastic business card could be the talk of the event!
Send it snail mail. Every time you send a letter, brochure or direct mailer, include a business card. Enclose business cards with thank you letters as well as personal letters, if it is appropriate. For example, if a person’s referral brought you a big contract, you can send them a personal thank you and include new business cards.
Remember etiquette. In your eager attempt to pass out as many business cards and custom made stickers as you can, don’t forget to take their business cards too. Exchanging business cards ensures that the other person feels important and respected. In addition, when giving away your business card, write a personal note on the back like your cell phone number. This will ensure that the recipient holds on to your card instead of tossing it out. After you have received their business card, you can also make notes on the back to help you remember the person or business.

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