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Spring-Inspired Wedding Reception Décor

Having a spring wedding? Incorporate the season’s best hues, patterns and motifs into your wedding reception décor with these simple and creative ideas. A symbol for new beginnings, spring is the perfect time of year for a wedding celebration. If you’re looking for a creative way to decorate your reception hall, try incorporating spring-inspired hues, […]

The Advantages of Online Ordination

There is certainly much chatter concerning the concept of ‘Online Ordination.’ What was it? Is it really legal? Why in the world should any individual sign up to become ordained online? ·Technically, your ordination does not happen on the internet. The internet is merely a way for your application for ordination through the Universal Life […]

Personalized Wedding Favors and Reception Décor

Give your wedding that warm and personal touch with these creative wedding reception ideas — from personalized napkins to wedding favors. Enhance your wedding reception with personalized décor. Personalized décor such as wedding favors, napkins and centerpieces convey an elegant, personal touch that guests will love and long remember. Here are three creative and customizable […]