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When to See Your Family Doctor

When to See Your Family Doctor Although you should contact your doctor whenever you feel anything out of the ordinary, sometimes signs and symptoms may not be so obvious. Here are three subtle signs and symptoms that you simply can’t ignore. If you’re an adult over the age of 30 and do not have any […]

Osho Sannyasins – Keeping His Memory Alive for Future Followers

Just because Osho is gone doesn’t mean that his teachings have to die with him. In fact, Osho sannyasins – or, his followers – are working so hard, it’s like he never left! If you were not fortunate enough to know about and learn from Osho while he was alive, that’s okay. Even though it […]

Osho and Dynamic Meditation – It’s Easy to Take His Beliefs Anywhere!

Osho’s Dynamic Meditation has changed lives for millions of people around the world. Now, thanks to his devoted followers, tantra books, and an Osho mp3 library, you can take his beliefs and teachings anywhere you go! When it comes to Osho, sannyas – or, his discipleship – is very strong. Even though it has been […]


Osho emphasized the importance of meditation, creativity, humor and awareness in life; here is a look at the teachings and meditation techniques of this famous spiritual guide. Osho, or as he was known earlier in his life, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, was a globally renowned mystic and spiritual teacher. Osho garnered a massive following in the […]

Osho Meditation Techniques

Learning Osho mediation tactics can help you to regain focus and relax. Meditation can be a route for individuals to learn awareness of who they really are. It enables interested persons to explore and experiment, changing the person within. After learning Osho meditation techniques, anyone can walk their own way accessing their power of consciousness. […]