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Energy-Efficient Remodeling Projects in Los Angeles

Solar power, waterless landscaping and CFL bulbs are just a few of the environmentally-friendly options available for homeowners in Southern California who are remodeling their homes. When you are looking at remodeling your home in Southern California, there are things you will want to consider that go beyond aesthetics. Los Angeles home remodeling is a […]

Easy-to-Install Residential Artificial Grass

Artificial residential turf makes it possible for homeowners to create a beautiful lawn without having to hire a professional. Homeowners are always searching for new and easy home improvement projects. From indoor projects such as repainting kitchen cabinets and sowing new curtains to outdoor projects such as planting flowers and fixing the fence, do-it-yourself projects […]

Discover the Advantages of Artificial Grass for Playgrounds

There are many reasons why artificial grass is being installed in playgrounds, parks and day care centers around the world. Learn why. Synthetic grass is not only esthetically pleasing, but also safe and durable. Whether you’re a parent, parks and recreation executive or landscape architect, you want to purchase a high-quality playground surface that meets […]

Artificial Grass Safe for Children

A safe alternative to conventional playground surfaces, artificial grass is being installed in parks and playgrounds around the world. Learn why. When it comes to designing playgrounds, safety is everything. While fun and challenging equipment and activities are also essential, there is nothing more crucial for landscape architects, parks and recreation executives than providing the […]

The unique toxicity of buckeye

While camping along a creek in central Kentucky last week, I was reminded of the unusual chemistry of buckeyes. The creek had long ago been dammed to make a quiet pool for swimming, and buckeyes were scattered along the shore, their branches with young fruits overhanging the water. Long ago, Native Americans would dam quiet […]