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Bamboo Flooring – 4 Reasons to Have It in Your Home

If it’s been ages since you gave your home a makeover, you’re probably looking for a way to make your house look more modern – without spending a fortune.Bamboo flooring is a great addition that’s also much more cost-effective that other choices! Why should you have bamboo wood flooring installed in your home? There are […]

Indoor Ceiling Fans – How to Pick the Best One for Your Home

A ceiling fan does far more than just keep you cool in the summer. In fact, indoor ceiling fans are important design pieces that can tie your entire décor together. But it can be awfully tough to find the right one. After all, indoor ceiling fans come in a virtually endless array of colors, sizes, […]

Simple and Chic Spring Décor

Prepare your home for spring by incorporating a splash of color, lively patterns and floral motifs to every room in the house. Seasonal decorating is made easy with these fun ideas. Decorating your home for spring doesn’t have to cost a fortune. By simply adding a few items with bright hues, lively patters and floral […]