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Silver Bullion and Gold Coins – A Match Made in Heaven

The value of the dollar may be erratic at best, but bullion and coin values are going through the roof. Find out what a collection of silver bullion and gold coins can do for your financial situation! If you are sick of watching the Stock Market go up and down, it is time to switch […]

Gold Bullion Coins and a Silver Dollar Collection – 2 Precious Metals You Need to Invest In

Precious metals are always a great investment. But if you want to make the most out of your money, look for gold bullion coins and a great silver dollar collection. When it comes to investments, precious metals will never go out of style. The value of the dollar may go up and down, but precious […]

Silver Coins

Learn why so many coin collectors are turning their attention to the lucrative and interesting silver coin market. Collecting, trading and buying silver coins are certainly nothing new. Silver bullion has been used in trade, commerce and industry since the metal was first deemed valuable thousands of years ago. In earlier years, silver coin collecting […]

Interesting Facts about Gold Coins

Learn some fun tidbits about the history of gold coins and modern uses. Gold coins are a favorite article of many collectors. They are issued by various countries, and in many cases, are worth more than their current face value. Coins can be purchased in a proof set, or acquired one at a time to […]

Tablecloths: Tables Dressed Up For a Party

You spend hours fretting over every element of your wedding, birthday party or other special event – so don’t forget to put effort into the tablecloths you will use! When two people fall in love, get engaged and plan a wedding there are many details they need to attend to: catering, dresses, flowers. And don’t […]

Simple and Warm Holiday Decorating

Christmas is almost here! Prepare your home for the holiday season with these these warm and dazzling decorating ideas. The holiday season brings more than just presents, parties and good food; it also brings wind, rain and –depending on where you live — snow! Since family and friends will be spending more time indoors this […]