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How to Find and Hire the Right Forex Broker

Before a forex web trader can make their first trade, they need to find a broker to execute it for them. But how does one find and hire the right forex broker? There are many elements to consider when researching forex brokers. So before you jump into the foreign exchange market, conduct your research on […]

Can Robots Really Do Forex Trading?

Robots can do just about anything that human beings can do these days, even forex trading. Along with individual trades, brokers and investors use forex robots to automate the process and make trades based on set parameters. Automated systems are ideal for many new forex traders who desire to learn forex trading but do not […]

Social Media Strategies for Forex Investors

Investors who learn forex inside and out take advantage of every resource available on the market so that they can make the best decisions — this includes social networking sites. There is no denying the fact that social networking has had a major impact on the forex industry and savvy investors have already jumped on […]

International Trade Continues to Grow

International trade is a major part of the economies of the world. All one has to do is look around their home and they will spot a dish, a piece of furniture or an electronic device that was made overseas. In fact, international trade has made it possible for people in the U.S. to purchase […]

Get to Know the Foreign Exchange Market

Forex brokers and investors will agree that international trade is all around us. Anytime you purchase a pair of shoes, an electronic device or a product from the mall, chances are it was made in another country and shipped to the United States. The reality is, most countries rely on international trade to provide goods […]

Forex News–Why It’s So Important

Guess what…your forex trades do not exist in a vacuum.The information that you use to make decisions is constantly changing, and the only way to make the very best decisions is to keep track of the latest <a href=””>forex news</a>. You may think that you are getting all of the information that you need just […]

Doing Forex Online?3 Things You Need to Know

So, you want to do forex online, but you’re not sure if you can handle it all? After all, you’ve got a full-time job and a family to worry about.That’s OK, though.The forex world doesn’t have to be intimidating; you just have to know what you’re getting in to. You can prepare yourself by knowing […]

Forex Tips– 4 Helpful Ideas That Will Boost Your Currency Trading Strategies

The best currency trading strategies are just that – strategies.You can’t go into the forex world without a plan.If you do, you’ll wind up losing a ton of money before you get yourself back on track.If you want to make sure that all of your decisions are smart ones, follow these 4 forex tips: 1.If […]

Forex History Lesson

Forex trading began to look a bit different in 1999.At the time,eleven European countries comprising the European Economic and Monetary Fund (EMU) decided to together ditch their individual national currencies and to take up with the Euro. These eleven countries were Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain.Noticeably absent […]

Eight Economic Indicators Not to Overlook in the Forex

When starting out with the forex online, don’t spare the preparatory Demo Account because it represents your opportunity to get a feel for a broker’s platform.The Demo Account will let you familiarize yourself with platform features and give you a chance to scope out everything from the procedure for order placement to indicators and charting.It’s […]