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Four myths you should know about air filters

Myth #1: Indoor air quality is not a problem at my home. Fact: All homes have air quality issues, but the severity of the issue may be different from one home to another. A whopping 99 percent of your indoor air quality issues come from pollen, dust, mold, and pet dander. Fumes from paints, hairspray, […]

Learn some basic facts about filters

Your home may contain pollen, lint, mold and plant spores, pet dander, bacteria and others that are trapped. Whenever you use your stove or other cooking equipment inside the house, particulate matter contained inside the house increases. These matter ranges in sizes from tiniest particles that are 3 – 5 microns in size that affects […]

Ask these questions before you replace your furnace filters

First understand filter basics The minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) of filters range between 1 and 16. The residential air filter that you use falls between 4 to 12. They are mostly made of spun fiberglass in order to filter out smaller micron particles, protect the furnace and provide maximum airflow. Keep in mind 25 […]

Understanding lever and wire rope hoists

Whether you are in the market to buy a ratchet lever <a href=”“>hoist</a> or wire rope hoist, first understand what your needs are and what these units capable of doing for you. Many manufacturers and retailers carry lever hoist and wire rope hoist in their wide inventory of hoists.  Understanding how they operate and for […]

Chain block uncovered

The chain block technology developed in late 1960s is serving more specific needs of several industries.  Retailers such as <a href=”“>Hoists Direct</a> carry wide selection of electrification and festooning needs. An endless chain rather than a rope, operated from an overhead track to lift heavy weights in workshops, is a chain block.  Many users call […]

Few more reasons to get frameless glass pool fencing

Frameless glass pool fencing is an alternative to ugly wood and other fencing, provide and maintain unobstructed views, meet local safety standards and add to your property values. Among many reasons to install frameless glass pool fences, few standouts more than others.  Many jurisdictions require fencing and why not consider glass pool fencing?  Any <a […]

Do you like your semi frameless glass fencing, powder coated or anodized?

Whether it is your semi frameless glass fencing or glass balustrade, you can get the columns and pegs powder coated or anodized. When choosing a <a href=”“>semi frameless glass fencing</a> system for your swimming pool, you may face a dilemma not only to select square or round support columns or pegs but also what type […]

Why you should consider safety when you operate an electric chain hoist

A hoist is a lifting or lowering device for loads using drum or lift-wheel where a rope or chain wraps. It can be operated manually, electrically or pneumatically and use a chain, wire or fiber rope as its lift medium. Factories, manufacturing units and construction sites use hoists and cranes rather than humans to do […]

Why you need to look into for your hoists, cranes and other needs

From manufacturers to performing art theaters need all kinds of hoists to perform at their best. Many online sites as well as brick and mortar stores carry many products for your selection. But you need reputable provider that stand behind what they sell when you make a substantial investment for your business. Here’s why you […]

Could glass swimming pool fences add to your property value?

The short answer is resounding yes. Adding a pool to your property is costly. Some say that the resale value added by a pool is not the same as the money spend to build a backyard swimming pool. But it all comes down to maintenance. You just don’t add a pool to increase the value […]