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The Antichrist Conspiracy – How It’s Being Spread Throughout Society

No matter what your religion is, you have probably heard of the Antichrist Conspiracy – or, the goal of creating a society that is so misinformed that the Antichrist can simply swoop in and take over. But have you ever thought that you could unknowingly be promoting the Antichrist Conspiracy? It’s true! The Antichrist Conspiracy […]

The Mark of the Beast – What Is It, and How Does It Affect You?

If someone came to you and said that you needed to have a simple mark placed on either your right hand or your forehead in order to buy or sell anything, what would you do? Would you take it? Or, would you start to ask questions and try to figure out what was really going […]

Conditional Security – What Goes Along with It?

If you spend time reading and studying scripture, you will learn that conditional security is the key to true salvation. Anything that you hear to the contrary just isn’t supported by the facts in the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ. So, what exactly is conditional security? In essence, it means making a deal […]

Holiness Preaching – How to Incorporate It into Your Own Life

If you want to live a life that is spiritually healthy, then you must incorporate holiness preaching into your daily activities. Otherwise, you will not fully understand Jesus Christ’s message and how it affects the world around you. So, what exactly is holiness preaching? Basically, it is a summation of how you should act, preach, […]

The Doctrine of Evangelical Outreach

One of the first things a person should do before joining any organization is to read its mission statement. After all, why would you want to join a group if you don’t agree with its goals and beliefs? The same principle applies, if not more so, when it comes to joining a religious organization, ministry […]

The Believer’s Conditional Security

There is no doubt that Christianity as a whole is divided. There are countless denominations around the world and new ones are launched every day. But one problem that seems to scatter the believers even more is the question: can a Christian lose his or her salvation? Ask any pastor, priest, or person on the […]

The Mary of the Bible

For a religion that is based on her son, Christianity at large has mixed views about Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. But then, the stories about her life and Virgin birth come from a wide range of sources, from the Bible to various popes throughout the years. Still, the question remains: just who was […]

Conditional Security Versus Eternal Security

There are few topics that divide the Christian population more than the doctrine of salvation, or the deliverance from sin through Jesus Christ. How does a person become saved from their sinful nature? And, is salvation a one-time gift, or a conditional contract with rules and regulations? Although there are numerous denominations that have branched […]

Imputed Righteousness – Why It’s So Dangerous

Imputed righteousness is one of the most popular beliefs of Calvinism. Unfortunately, it is also a very dangerous belief. Imputed righteousness has a lot to do with eternal security – or, the Calvinism belief that if you were saved once, you will be saved again. According to the theory of eternal security, it is up […]

How the Brown Scapular Refutes Calvinism and Diminishes the Antichrist Conspiracy

There has long been a debate between Christians and Calvinists. However, there is one Christian object that seems to disprove many of the beliefs of Calvinism – and, in turn, keeps the Antichrist Conspiracy from getting too powerful. The brown scapular is a small piece of cloth that is also a sign of salvation. According […]